Womens rights research paper

We have reviewed the papers through a series of three levels of review, which comprises of Senior Academicians, Industry professionals and Professors from premier Institutions and Universities. We are glad to proclaim that we have released four books on the day of Inauguration by our distinguished guests. Springer Souvenir was released by Sri. The valedictory function was chaired by Dr.

Womens rights research paper

Vomiting Speech problems mutism Some women face unexpected termination of menstruation due to the weather and harsh treatment in the military base. Others experience periods of heavy menstruation, which usually results in anemia.

Daily activities start at 4: Anyone who refuses or is unable to respect an order given by military officers receives military punishment, which can be unbearable, especially for women.

Hence, the number of women with mental illnesses or attempting suicide is much higher than that of men. Forced Labour After completion of military training, some women are forced to work in military shops and canteens.

Women are deliberately assigned these duties where they can be easily targeted for many forms of abuse. No one is willing to address this issue; even if a woman makes an official complaint, because the abuse is systematic as well as their vulnerable situation is also strategically planned.

Civilian mothers are also not immune from abuse; they are forced to dance in the streets on every anniversary and national holiday.

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Any woman who refuses to take part in such activity is considered a protester and will be forced to pay a fine. Therefore, the municipality, priests, and sheiks have been given instructions not to permit any marriage unless the couple can produce certificates of National Service.

If a couple was married before the specified date, and want a marriage certificate, they must bring a letter from their respective military units, bearing witness to their active participation in National Service.

Of course, those who are engaged in performing their National Service duties can marry; but if the women get pregnant, they are not released from national service until they are dangerously close to the delivery date. After delivery, and while waiting to be demobilized, they usually struggle, as there will not be any source of income nor governmental assistance, and are not allowed to work.

With the increasing cost of living and no means of support, marriage becomes a difficult choice to consider. Getting an exit visa, whether for study or medical reasons, is a rare privilege in Eritrea.

People must pay a large sum of money to bribe officials in order to be able to leave the country. The only other means of obtaining this visa is if one has a close relative amongst the immigration officials who can assist. Moreover, a child above the age of five is not permitted to leave the country; hence, many opt to leave illegally.

Prison Conditions Eritrea is described as a mass prison by all in the human rights community, since people are not allowed to move in and out of their own country, and are deprived of all basic human rights, including freedom of expression.

Included among official justifications for imprisonment are the following: The documented reason for their detention is that they disobeyed a direct order. The situation in the prisons is appalling: There are many underground cells, in which the temperature reaches an unbearable level, where prison hygiene conditions are dreadful.

Many prisoners suffer from severe malnutrition and do not receive proper care. Many die in prison due to the harsh conditions, and of course women are also subjected to these conditions. Receiving proper medical treatment in the prisons is a rare privilege, due to the overwhelming number of prisoners and lack of appropriate facilities.mothers rights, law and legal research, family politics, feminism, sociology, children, divorce, custody, parenting.

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Womens rights research paper

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Womens rights research paper

Divorce. Conclusion. Effect. Bibliography. Women and the Code Napoléon. By Louise Hicks. In this article, I will examine Napoléon's arguably greatest achievement: the Code Napoléon, and its impact on women's rights. Introduction. Many readers of ROK may believe that feminism, with its supposed goal of achieving equality between men and women by promoting women’s rights, is a relatively new concept that was developed after the Industrial Revolution.

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