What the flag means to me essay

What is the Flag Essay Contest?

What the flag means to me essay

I grew both in stature and in character each year as I modeled myself after the lessons my grandparents taught me, and all of those lessons were based on their faith. They taught me the value of good, old-fashioned, hard work.

What the flag means to me essay

They taught me to be respectful of others despite our differences — racial, religious, political, or otherwise. My grandparents helped teach me to be firm and resolute, to never compromise my character and integrity, and to always act with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness in my heart.

A freedom that young kids like me unknowingly and innocently took for granted. Although we lost Pop to cancer 20 years ago, the values he instilled in me remain. He was tough as nails, but he was always fair and just. To this day, Pop is still one of the bravest men I have ever encountered.

Like clockwork, he lowered that flag at sunset. He taught me never to fly the flag in darkness.

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Rather, we properly and respectfully retired it. Our flag had served us honorably as an emblem of our freedom and it deserved as much respect as we could offer. Those who trample on the American flag tread on every American flag that has ever existed.

They dishonor the flag my Grandfather raised on our porch every morning and the flag raised on Iwo Jima. Those who walk all over the American flag dishonor the flag that graces the uniforms of every brave man and woman preserving and defending our freedom. And they desecrate the flags draped over the coffins and placed at the graves of our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free — may God rest their souls.

Pop taught me never to let our flag touch the ground. Take some time to teach your children and grandchildren the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. I'm pretty sure, just like me, they'll remember the lesson for the rest of their lives.Essay on what military service means to me lyrics Essays: What the U.S.

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We are seriously going to refund your payment if you are not satisfied with the result. Nov 30,  · Best Answer: im not american - but as i understand it alot of americans find that the flag brings nations together the stars which are the symbolised as the nations or whatnot perhaps in the words you could express how you feel to be an american and how you think that the flag Status: Resolved.

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What the Flag Means to Me The flag is not just important to me, but to many people. The American flag became the U.S flag on June 14, in Philadelphia when it was approved by the Continental Congress. The first flag had thirteen stars and thirteen stripes to .

The American Flag Essay Words | 4 Pages. information about our american flag and how it came about. In the British colonies of North America before the Revolution, each of the 13 colonies had its flag. American Flag Speech. What does the American flag mean to me?

To me it means freedom, honor, respect, courage, and happiness. Freedom, for saying what .

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