Vietname hd movie essay

As we began to contemplate evacuation, the question, the burning question was, who goes? And who gets left behind?

Vietname hd movie essay

I wrote film reviews for over a decade in a variety of formats. Vietnam was a seminal event in modern American history. As such, the films that depict the event are complex and fascinating, ranging from attempted factual accounts to mythic interpretations.

Although anybody could write about the movies they think are the best Vietnam movies ever, since one of the focuses of my graduate history degree was Vietnam, I bring a slightly different perspective to this category of films, looking at it from both a cinematic and a historical perspective.

In fact, most Vietnam films are not historically accurate at all. Thus, my list of the best Vietnam movies ever are a mix of historical narratives and mythologically based movies. Ultimately, the Vietnam War was a controversial conflict that inspired many great films. Bone witnesses what may be a murder, but is unmotivated while Cutter sees it as an opportunity to engage.

In Country movie poster Director: A very underrated movie. One of the first films to really tackle the Vietnam Veteran experience in a realistic way. However, Willis gives a very compelling performance as an emotionally damaged vet who has to deal with his baggage and heal, ultimately by visiting the Vietnam War Memorial.

The Deer Hunter Director: Although its fictionalization of the Russian Roulette sequences could perhaps be considered exploitation and avoidance of the real, emotional issues that affected veterans, that very dramatic sequence brought the overall devastation of the war home.

That powerful image symbolized the destructiveness of the Vietnam experience and burned in our collective memories. Born on the Fourth of July movie poster 7. Born on the Fourth of July Director: Tom Cruise, Raymond J.

For all his weirdness, Oliver Stone has made some great movies and this is one. The story of Ron Kovic, in both the film and in real life, is of a young patriot who goes off to war and comes back, still a patriot, but horribly injured - a paraplegic.

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Then, Kovic turns against the war, essentially realizing it was a mistake. While previous Vietnam films dealt with various aspects of the war symbolically, none dealt quite so overtly with the political elements.

Good Morning, Vietnam movie poster 6. Good Morning Vietnam Director: Such is the case with Vietnam and the year we came to collectively look upon that event in a complete way was when this movie came out.

Here was a film that laughed at the absurdity of the situation, but also took the Vietnamese through the eyes of the Robin Williams character and showed us real people fighting their own, legitimate battle.

Vietname hd movie essay

Casualties of War Director: Brian De Palma Starring: My Lai was one of the most horrific events of the Vietnam War. Approximately people were murdered by United States Army soldiers. Many were women and children and many were tortured, raped, and beaten.

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It is one of the most horrific events of any war. In this case, a five man patrol kidnaps a Vietnamese woman, forces her to march with them, and eventually rapes and murders her.Feb 05,  · Video Essay - Il confine SEXY GAME NOLLYWOOD FILM FULL HD ENGLISH VERSION - Duration: Wong Box TV , views.

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Vietname hd movie essay

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The Kaiserslautern American is the local newspaper for the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC), including Headquarters, U.S. Air Forces in Europe. The Soldiers also had to write an essay. Film Description. April, During the chaotic final days of the American involvement in the Vietnam War, as the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon, South Vietnamese resistance crumbled.

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