Travel and tourism unit 7 p2

They will need spending money for the week. The group can get to Amsterdam by flying with EasyJet either from Stansted or Southend and the flight takes forty minutes. When in the City, they can make their way round by bus, tram, metro and bikes.

Travel and tourism unit 7 p2

Travel and Tourism I think travelling and Tourism is the key of ending racism, prejudice, sexism and discrimination because you get more chance to meet different type of people. I guess doing travelling and tourism will help me to understand more about the world earth I love.

I am going to explain how the different types of organization approach customer, and describe the method used to measure and monitor customer service.

And I will compare and contrast two T. Organization approach and measure customer service. I am going to write about Macdonald hotel and Malmaison hotel. They welcome everyone with high standard; making customer feel like kings and queens. Macdonald believes that everyone has the opportunity to learn and develop; so far the Macdonald is training people, and 22 graduates have been on their 18 months graduate training programme covering the entire department.

Macdonald has employed around 4, employees across the UK and Spain, and also the hotel has 4 resorts in southern Spain, and Malmaison only operate in the UK. Macdonald is offering its customers a private environment by secretly keeping the personal data. Macdonald hotel is an integrated organization, the size of the organization is large because they have employed around employees just in Oxford and employees across the UK and Spainand they do have 40 hotels around the country and 4 more resorts in southern Spain, which makes them large organization.

In the hotel has registered the growth of Malmaison is a 4 stars hotel, and the hotel is an integrated organization.

Travel and tourism unit 7 p2

Malmaison and Hotel du Vin, together they have won the employees benefits award I think regarding the size of Malmaison is medium. Overall Malmaison has rooms and over 50 restaurants and bars. Malmaison has one policy regarding customers that customer is number one. Regarding policies, Malmaison takes responsibilities of its employees and customers, they do treat everyone with respect and for them respect and equal opportunity means success.

Malmaison offers the health and safety. The Malmaison is committed to ensuring the best quality and performance of work toward customers, guests and employees. Malmaison has four policies regarding customers, employees and community: Malmaison believes that everyone has right to obey the law, and they believe the law is the right place to be, and it helps the hotel to achieve its target goal 2.

Malmaison believes in generosities and assistances to the poor, and contribution to the community improvement. Be profitable, and the foundation upon all other Malmaison offers its best cuisine in a low price, and the food is healthy. The purpose of data is to identify customers.

Malmaison is ensuring its customers a safety environment regarding processes of keeping personal data. Malmaison is using this method to create a strong relationship between the hotel and its customers.

Macdonald and Malmaison, they both are private organization. Mailmaison and Macdonald are both hotels, and they both believe that customers are number one.

They both have mission statement.Travel Tourism Unit 9 M2 Unit 9 M2 In this assignment I will be doing a comparison between two different types of agents by looking at their differences and similarities.

I. ISOC Holdings, Inc. has secured a P2-billion loan facility from BDO Unibank, Inc., which will be used for its property unit’s mixed-use project in the Bay Area.

In a statement issued Thursday, BDO said it has signed a loan agreement with ISOC Land, Inc. on Aug.

28, opening the loan facility for. Home. Courses. Departments. Access. Animal Care. Apprenticeships. Art & Design. Beauty.

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Business, Accounting, Law. Catering. Early Years and Education. Communications. The future of small and medium size enterprises in tourism Prof. Peter Keller, President AIEST The AIEST at its 54 th Congress will address itself to a fundamental question, how can small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) that depend on tourism survive in hotly.

All organisations benefit from providing excellent customer service.


Private sector businesses want to increase sales because this usually increases profits, which is cheaper to do by repeat business and by word-of-mouth recommendations than advertising.

Oct 11,  · Best Answer: Supplying products and services are as simple as making products and services available to consumers. For example, tourism products are mostly destinations and experiences sold by travel Resolved.

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