The advantages and disadvantages of foreign worker in malaysia

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The advantages and disadvantages of foreign worker in malaysia

The presence of foreign workers in Malaysia is not a new phenomenon as foreign workers are been ported in from China, Indonesia, and India to work in mines and rubber estates long back during colonial period.

As the Malaysia economic grow, the demand of workforce in certain industries increasing rapidly. While we have many fresh graduates and unemployed people in our country, do you ever wondered why we still taking these migrant worker? In this essay we will discuss the reasons of hiring a foreign workers and its advantages and disadvantages.

First and foremost, highly skilled workers are crucial towards developing Malaysia in various industries. The government has engaged the highly skilled educated worker from other country in the manufacturing, technology, education and other fields.

By doing so, the foreign workers will be transferring their skills and knowledge to the Malaysians. For example, the Japanese transfer their manufacturing technology in automotive industries. As a result, the production of cars such as Proton Inspira which is one of the product Mitsubishi Lancer from the collaboration between Mitsubishi Motors and Proton.

The second reason of taking foreign worker is because our people is a bit choosy in finding jobs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of foreign workers in Malaysia

They prefer a job with higher salary and less physical activites. For example, as the Malaysia economic grow, the demand of workforce in the construction industry increases as well.

However due to the construction industry are perceived as dirty, dangerous and difficult foreign workers are then brought into the construction industry. Just look at the new project construction site can u view any locals working there?

The third or perhaps this is the main argument. For example an Indian workers at estate receive about RM a month, a third of what the local counterparts receive. The advantages of having foreign workers in our country. Firstly, the job opportunities in our country provides them with a better future.

For example, in the construction site there are always foreigners working. Lastly, the productivity of our country increase, thus increasing the economy of our country.

For example a factory can produce many products when have more workers, which in turn they can get many profits because of the large amount of the factory product sold. On the other hand, there are possibility high rate of unemployment for locals. As we know, many foreign workers in Malaysia will covered up all the vacant jobs due to the poor attitude and commitment shown by our people which are too choosy in finding a job.

Another disadvantages was each foreigner worker come from different countries have different culture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Foreign Workers - PTE Essay

The problem rise when the bad culture spread in our community. The most significant bad culture example can be seen in attitude. Most of our generation are following the trend violence type such as thorn jeans and loosen pants.

Our people also are influenced by the bad talking by using foreign words. Thus, the government plays an important role on balancing the situation so that the policy of having foreign workers in Malaysia will have maximum benefit to the country.Economic growth can also be negative, but a country with the advantages of foreign direct investment will generally have positive economic growth.

Economic growth is heavily impacted by changes in technology and the introduction of new technology. Advantages and Disadvantages of Migrant Worker. foreign currency and their life style most probably attracts the people and this is the ultimate reason of people going abroad.

The advantages. Advantages and Disadvantages Foreign Workers. Old Town. Positive & Negative Impacts of Migration in Malaysia.

The advantages and disadvantages of foreign worker in malaysia

caused by those foreign workers who came to work in Malaysia. This has caused parents to Documents Similar To Foreign Worker's Disadvantage. Advantages and Disadvantages Foreign Workers. Uploaded by.4/4(3). The number of foreign workers in Oman in was %; and there were , foreign workers in Oman in The presence of foreign employees in Oman results in higher levels of the economy.

They helped develop buildings in many cities in Oman such as Muscat, etc. There are 1. 8–2 million legally registered foreign worker in Malaysia and also with another million of unregistered.

So our presentation will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of employed too many foreign workers in Malaysia. FOREIGN WORKER IN MALAYSIA The presence of foreign workers is one of the most critical issues facing the Malaysian construction market, as the increasing construction work .

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