Short story heavy metal housekeeping essay

GS Road, another arterial street of the city, was water-logged during the morning for several hours. Christian Basti and Bora Service areas were the worst hit due to artificial flood. With no effective solution in sight, people of Guwahati are now afraid of even the slightest of rainfall.

Short story heavy metal housekeeping essay

Straight black hair hung nearly to his waist. A snake tattoo circled his forearm. I stepped to the counter to pay for my gasoline. I dismissed the incident from my mind and began thinking of how great it would be to get home. Only fifty more miles to Cedar Pointed, my hometown.

With summer vacation here, I was anticipating seeing my girlfriend and family again. Excellent the glass doors, I stepped out Into the thickening dusk, and was halted by a gruff voice. The guy followed, to my annoyance. Can you give me a ride, man?

I detected the odors of dried sweat and stale tobacco smoke radiating from his body. I attempted to close the door, but the guy grabbed the handle, and with surprising strength, prevented me.

He began to speak hurriedly. This is a huge mistake, I thought. As we pulled onto the highway, my unwelcome passenger lit a cigarette. I thought that perhaps it would be easier for both of us if the guy was occupied with something. He med to sense my irritation at his presence and did not attempt conversation.

The irrational thought that I knew him from a previous encounter kept returning. I studied on it in the silence.

Short story heavy metal housekeeping essay

Where had I met him before? A sense of foreboding grew in me as I tried to remember. The thought came unbidden. His appearance certainly did nothing to inspire confidence. Then it hit me. The guy was in a dream I had a couple of nights before. Now I wished like hell I could remember the dream and how it ended.

What I did see caused my heart to lurch sickeningly.

Short story heavy metal housekeeping essay

The hitchhikers hand was emerging from inside his vest. He clutched an 8-inch hunting knife. The blade gleamed hideously and I caught my breath. The man turned, noticed my expression, then laughed. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

The miles fell behind, and I saw that we were entering what might be called a town, consisting of a couple of broken down houses and a gas station in the middle of nowhere. My bladder was about to pop, and it offered an excellent excuse for stopping.

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The perfect opportunity to ditch him! I was in luck. I hurried into the restroom first, and went about my business, touching the filthy fixtures as little as possible. I made my exit. I ran to my car, leaped in, and slammed it into reverse. Peering into the review mirror before backing out of the parking spot, I was startled to see a man running toward my car.

Can you help me? When the man reached the window, I was astonished to see he was decked out in a black suit and tie and carried a briefcase. I was releasing the break and Just about to back out, when the businessman stopped me again.In Guwahati two or three heavy rainfalls in day wreck havoc in most of the areas of the city, creating water logging and traffic snarls.

We will write a custom essay sample on Guwahati Two or Three Heavy Rainfalls in Day Wreck Havoc specifically for you for only $ $/page. Short story: Heavy Metal Housekeeping ; Enzyme and Heavy. Short Story. Home / Debut albums Essays / Short Story. admin 15 Dec 0 Comments. Mom’s word stuck me like a lightning bolt.

I was so shocked that I forgot to give reaction to what I had Just heard. Maybe because a part of me still believed this couldn’t be true. Well, was It a joke? I looked back Into mom’s eyes. The mother in Bazooka’s short story, “Heavy Metal Housekeeping”, refers to how her “lifetime” ended fifteen years ago with the birth of her son (Bazooka ).

At the moment of his birth, her son became the main priority and responsibility, therefore the ultimate sacrifice of any aspirations she had for her life. July 14, Preview Gallery 3: Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show July 13, Preview Gallery 2: Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show Posts Tagged ‘short story’.

Ready to get writing? Here are seven steps on how to write a short story from start to finish. Short story: Heavy Metal Housekeeping A quick glance at Bazooka’s story gives us a motif of laundry (Bazooka ); the chore or responsibility involving the cleaning Of clothes when they become dirty.

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