Reservation for women in india essay

Reservation for Women in Parliament Synopsis:

Reservation for women in india essay

Saturday, December 28, Women Reservation in India: An Essay The best representative of the great Indian glory that India ever had, Swami Vivekananda, writes about women in his writings in such a way: We Indians are chasing our dreams.

The sound of tak, tak, the footsteps of the masses moving under the sun is not enough to let us find out how many are the women walking in that rush. We must be learnt that now women can also wear the shoes men use to wear and they can also do the works men usually do. Now, the subject of debates and meetings, almost in every level of the society is something around the women- women security, women education, women empowerment, and the most talked- women reservation.

We have passed years and Reservation for women in india essay thinking and speaking about the women affairs. The results, however, are not so much satisfactory that we can feel proud of. Except some of the women who have given us the moments of honour and prestige, we have not seen women attaining greatness in any field of life.

Why the situation is like this? Where do we need to work more? We cannot neglect that there are many relaxations for women in our country.

They get reservations in the education sector and in the working sector. Yes, this is what the factors show and we can also see in India. This is a great step towards the fair sex to uplift their condition.

The seat reservations in education sector for women secure their indulgence in higher education that is very important for the real development of our country.

The renowned universities of India dedicate some of their colleges only for women and run special educating cells for women students. In the working sectors, special quota is dedicated to the women workers. However, this reservation varies from state to state in our country.

For example, Andhra Pradesh is providing total Private sectors also announce their reservation for women. They have their own policies and laws. Except these relaxations to the women in education and working sectors, we have to turn towards the reservations provided to women in the electoral field.

Now, here is a long chronology to be listed. Since India was officially a democracy in with our own constitution, there have been discussions and debates in the houses of parliaments for the issue of women representing people in elections and getting seats in the assembly.

Years were passing with our great leaders sitting in the parliament and keeping on the debates until in a report was submitted to the ministry of Education and Social Welfare raising this issue.

However, it was an oblivious issue later.

Reservation for women in india essay

Finally, inconstitutional amendments were made to reserve one-third seats for women in Panchayats and Municipalities elections. Later on, the demand for reservation of seats in the upper house of parliament for women was getting louder.

Reservation for women in india essay

Women institutions and organizations were asking for more political opportunities. On September 12, a bill was introduced in parliament by Deve Gowda Government. Even then the members of Samajwadi Party and some members of the ruling party tore the copies of the bill and expressed their political standards.

Unfortunately, after being passed by the Rajya Sabha, this bill could not yet be voted in the Lok Sabha. If this bill is passed in future, India will join a league of around 40 countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh who have quota for women in Parliaments.

We can see that country like Pakistan also have the women reservation, because they know that how important it is. It is the time that our country should also stop more debates about this issue let the women represent the country now. Only a woman knows how much the price hikes affect the household.

None but a woman can tell how much the importance of women education is. However, it is just a fact that I have found out and must be neglected as we should have faith upon our great leaders and politicians who were there to make this great constitution.

Now a question arises that who needs the special aid. Whom dignity is needed to be saved by others? The reply will come in a simple term, one who is weaker. Our constitution has made certain distinctions based on sex, religion, and castes that does not allow the people to be the same and women to simply be women.

Leaving this bias, we have in our constitution some acts which provide reservation to women of the certain categories. I want to raise a question.Centre for Women's Development Studies.

An autonomous research institute supported by the Indian Council of Social Science Research. For the women who have made history without portfolios and reserved seats, where women would be the contestants would expose better, the politics of ‘by women, of women, for women’.

It is to be realised by the Indian politicians that they can no longer ignore the justified demand of reservation for the women in Parliament and State Ligislature. 50% Reservation of Women.

India have passed the Women Reservation Bill which ensures 50% reservation for women in the village panchayats. Certainly, it is a progressive and unique step.

By initiating such a step, India has presented an, India is a step ahead from rest of the world.

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