Pt2520 unit 1 research assignment 1

Unit 1, Assignment 2: In order to be influential, the law is to be professed as both certain and predictable, and also flexible and fair.

Pt2520 unit 1 research assignment 1

Research Skills for English 1A Unit 1: The Research Process Overview This unit explores the concept of research. Technically, a report does not ask you to analyze, compare, or synthesize information.

It does not require you to locate facts to support an argument. Research, on the other hand, means to investigate. Research involves posing an original question, looking at something from all angles, studying it carefully, and examining it deeply.

Listen to what these Northwestern University students have to say about research: Write a few sentences explaining why you found those responses meaningful.

Rate Yourself As a Researcher Note: Create a Google Form for this. Students submit to the form. Place the form in iLearn. Think about the skills you have to complete research. Rate yourself using the following scale: I use a variety of strategies and resources to explore a topic and define my research question.

I develop a main research question and several subordinate questions to guide my research. I develop keyword and key phrase lists to help me in my search. I develop a research plan i.

I know which questions can be best answered by what kinds of resources.

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I know the difference between primary and secondary sources. I use the library catalog to locate books in the college and public libraries. I know how to narrow or broaden my search using the library catalog. I know how to narrow or broaden my search using a search engine.

I know how to narrow or broaden my search using the college's online databases. I know the difference between subject and keyword searching and know when to use these when searching the college's online databases.

Pt2520 unit 1 research assignment 1

When I use a web page for research, I first evaluate it for authority, bias, accuracy and currency. I use online databases from the college to conduct research.

I skim and scan text for answers to my questions and paraphrase key points in the text effectively. I have a system for organizing the notes that I take and for keeping track of which sources those notes are from.

I organize my notes so that I can use a variety of sources to support my ideas. Based on your own scores, what do you need to work on as a researcher?

Research Process Models We know from decades of studies that when people do research, they follow a process with some predictable stages.

There are many models of this process. As you read, think about what these models have in common. The Search Process Step 1: Choosing a Topic and Asking Questions Define your research problem, explore topics, do some background building, and create questions to guide your research.

These might include people, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, websites, and any other source of information. Planning your search Narrow or broaden your topic, create subject and keyword lists to search, prioritize your questions, create interview questions, schedule interviews, and organize your search time.PT Database Concepts Unit 1.

STUDY. PLAY. A database is a set of related data. An old-style library catalog, a Rolodex or an address book are all databases PT Database Concepts Unit 2. 13 terms. PT Database Concept Unit 3. 57 terms. CPCU Activity 1- Describing the claim Function. Unit 1 Summative Research Assignment built by trentu Rubric Code: Z Research Paper, Powerpoint Presentation, Poster Presentation, Public Service Announcement, or another accepted form of communication on a topic of choice.

Paper = words, presentation minutes. Unit 1 Business Application Assignment: Business Research By now, you should have picked a business to use for your application assignments.

If you have not, then return to the “Choosing a Business for your Application Assignments” and make your decision. Ganymed goethe analysis essay essay on environment in marathi wikipedia i research paper introduction?

hurricane experience essay.

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Essay on Unit 1 Lab. Michael Sherman Unit 1 Lab Chapter 1 dealt with the basic fundamentals of risk management. It defined risk, threat vulnerability, and loss and their relationship to one another.

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