Project powder

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Project powder

Project on industrial sieve powder machine

Scientific or Science Kit. Gather all the materials you will need for this project. Wear your safety glasses, gloves and apron. Have a friend or a parent, fill each of the plastic containers with each of the white powders, namely salt, sugar, flour, baking soda and plaster Project powder Paris.

They are not to tell you into which of the five vials they have placed the powders.

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They are Mystery Powders to you! Your task is to identify each one by their properties, physical and chemical.

Project powder

Before you begin, copy the data chart provided below so that you can readily record your observations. You may wish to take photos of the reactions of each of the five white powders to display with your project or enclose in your final report.

Now using separate plastic spoons, place a small amount of each powder in each circle. View each of the powders with your magnifying glass and record your observations.

Note the size and shape of the particles. Smell each of the powder. One or more may be poisons! Now taking one powder at a time, place a small amount in a test tube and add water? Use a separate stirring rod for each powder!

Which ones are soluble in water giving you a clear solution? Which ones give you a cloudy or murky appearance? Record your observations in your data chart. Take a fresh plate, make your five circles, place each of the powders in the labeled circles and place a drop of iodine on each one.

Repeat step 11, use afresh paper plate, but this time place a few drops of vinegar on each of the powders. Take each of the small paper cups.

Place a teaspoon of powder in each one. Use a separate teaspoon each time.Several NSF International clients have asked my opinion about the Clean Label Project's recent press release and report on contaminants in protein a scientist, I’m deeply troubled by the methods the Clean Label Project used in its study and report.

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Project Powdercoating

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