Pnp business plans

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Pnp business plans

Gladstone Taylor Comrades were upbeat going into the general election, but the failure of some members to turn over campaign donations to the treasury could have contributed to their surprise defeat. Accusing fingers are being pointed at five senior members of the People's National Party PNP who are believed to have collected campaign donations and not turned them over to the party in the lead-up to the last general election.

But the party's president, Portia Simpson Miller, is not among the five.

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Now PNP insiders are claiming that Horne should have named the five, as Comrades already know who they are. Another senior member reportedly collected several million dollars from members of the local business community.

In another case, millions of dollars were collected by another senior PNP member, who it is alleged told the contributors not to give any money to Horne or the party's General Secretary Paul Burke.

That person handed over the most money as a minister.

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But there are others and the people told us," said the PNP insider. He pointed our news team to a donor who confirmed that his company made a contribution to a PNP candidate who made it clear that the money was for his campaign.

One clear indicator of the guilty is when some of the most vociferous ones have gone completely silent. But we know them," said the PNP insider.

pnp business plans

In his report, which has not yet been accepted by the NEC, Horne said: This heavily affected the party's income and short-changed the party, resulting in a negative effect on the national campaign.

Non-cohesive campaigns According to Horne, due to the fragmentation of the leadership machinery and consequently the national campaign itself, there were multiple non-cohesive and disjointed campaigns being run by distinct groupings and individual members of the party.British Columbia Investor Program.

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pnp business plans

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