Nirma vs surf excel

The detergent based segment is divided into two broad categories - 1. The detergent market is mainly Consumer behavior is a complex pattern and concentrated in the urban areas but the level of penetration in sophisticated understanding for marketing research, but simply the rural for the past few years has been good. Solomon ; Blackwell et at. White, Tide, and other regional brands satisfy their needs.

Nirma vs surf excel

Nirma vs surf excel

Irregular power supply Poor transportation facilities it is tough to access the market If we talk at individual level then we will find that due to psychological apprehensions rural consumer is more loyal to regional brands and more engaged to used-brands - do not change brands frequently.

He evaluates the product by touch and feel. He gets more satisfaction after touching it. Purchase process is also different - influencer, decider, buyer, payer are generally different persons in case of rural market. Local political and religious Nirma vs surf excel generally perform the role of influencer.

Demand generation is done by women and children. Bread earner of the family is payer. Therefore all the persons are needed to be addressed for the selling process. Though advertising the product makes a difference but still mouth publicity by known users, educated village youth or renowned person of the community make product more reliable.

In case of urban market consumer respond to the advertisement individually while in case of rural market generally company gets group responses. Though rural consumer is hesitant, do not speak easily to outsiders but devotes time to sales person.

Such difference makes them unique and different from their urban counterparts and hence it is essential that the marketers too adopt different strategies to cater to their needs.

Paradigm shift in marketing strategies Traditionally, marketing strategy in has revolved around the dominant framework of the 4Ps Kotler, — product, price, place, and promotion.

In the 21st century this framework has been deemed inadequate Kotler, Two of the most prominent alternative paradigm existing in the marketing literature is that of the 4Cs — Customer value, Customer costs, Customer convenience, and Customer communication Kotler, and the 4As — Awareness, Availability, Affordability and Acceptability.

Although both purport to be more customer centric, however the second one is more pertinent to the rural consumers. Rural consumers make tradeoffs to survive, where they simply cannot consume what is not affordable, and where convenience is not as valued as it is by the urban consumers.

Ariel vs Surf Excel - Copy - [PPTX Powerpoint]

Awareness Rural consumer is not much aware about brands. They rely more on local brands. To develop reliability factor in them towards new brands it is necessary to publicize the brand awareness by NGOs working actively in the region. This can be done through mouth publicity by any known resident of the same village also.

List of Top fabric care brands in India

E-Chaupal program of ITC is helping it in making brand image.Add superior whiteness to your fabrics while enhancing its appearance by washing them using the Tide plus jasmine & rose detergent powder. It keeps the colour of the fabric bright, even after repeated washing and brings life to the old fabrics by keeping them lint free.

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Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the. However in 's Surf suffered huge losses at the hands of a new and small firm, Nirma Chemicals. Nirma was launched in and its primary focus was to create a .

View Homework Help - detergentwarslva1-app from MBA at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Detergent Market in India Indian Detergent Market Landscape Current Market Size. Welcome to Ariel, offering an outstanding range of washing powders and detergents.

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