Mass marketing and mass customization essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The direct offspring of mass marketing is the trend towards mass customization that is focused on customizing a product on a large scale.

Mass marketing and mass customization essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In this attempt to meet the varied requirements of customers worldwide, mass customization has become an important requirement for many businesses.

Provisioning of mass customisation, however, has its pitfalls. Forecasting gets complex, overhead for product support increases, inventory control becomes more difficult, manufacturing complexity upsurges, and after-sales support gets more challenging.

Mass customization is a manufacturing process that combines the flexibility of customised product variety, along with the low cost leadership of economies of scale. One solution that pioneering firms have utilised is the influence of product and process designing.

This is rendered possible by incorporating design in their supply chain operations, to seek control over product variety expansion. Design has always been viewed as a central driver of manufacturing costs. As high as eighty percent of the manufacturing cost is decided by the design, or the process through which the product is to be developed.

Therefore, design can be leveraged to solve the problem of mass customization Martin M. By cautiously designing the manufacturing and supply chain processes and the product structure, firms can postpone the point in which the finishing nature of the merchandise is to be determined, thereby increasing the flexibility to tackle varying demands for the multiple products.

This methodology is termed as postponement. The degree of success of a firm executing its postponement strategy is determined by how well the firm adapts its process and product characteristics to the market necessities.

Principally, these relate to the modifications in the design of the product or process so that realizing postponement strategies become less costly. Essentially, there are two types of changes: Product Postponement Generally, process postponement requires process standardization.

This is fulfilled by standardising certain portions of the process, so that the different product variants share a standard process.

Mass marketing and mass customization essay

By changing the order of customization steps, in which the product achieves distinctive functionalities, process postponement can be achieved. Usually, product postponement requires standardizing the vital constituents, or introducing parts commonality in the product construction.

On the other hand, another solution to improve operational efficiency in mass customisation is component commonality. The objective of component commonality is the reducing of variety within the value chain.

It is based on the fact, that products in product families are comprised of similar components. Besides, standardization can be seen as the goal to achieve standards in companies, businesses and industries. It is based on the assumption that products of the same family use alike components.

Mass marketing and mass customization essay

Therefore, this methodology strives to achieve low production variety by replacing different components with one single component for a product family.

This led to an uneven upsurge in components and suppliers, consequently resulting in a higher degree of complication in the manufacturing processes.

In this project, the impacts on supply chain management through component commonality and postponement are evaluated. In this analysis component commonality is highly linked to inbound logistics and manufacturing, whereas postponement corresponds with outbound logistics and the customer specific demand.

The two concepts are closely related and by correct implementation, companies can achieve competitive advantages along the entire supply chain.

Component commonality and postponement have been an area of research for more than two decades, now. Several models and theories have been established, but their business application is a rarity. This project work will show the positive benefits of postponement and component commonality.

The insights from background study will be leveraged to evaluate the impacts on the supply chain variables. The idea of this project is to persuade forms in making combined component commonality and postponement decision towards fulfilling mass customisation for a richer and wider product variety.

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Apr 26,  · MASS CUSTOMIZATION: JUST AN OXYMORON Customization means manufacturing a product or delivering a service in response to a particular customer’s needs, and mass customization means doing it in a cost- effective way.

The Essay about mass marketing is dead. Mass Marketing/Mass Customization Today, marketing is seeing a shift from the traditional mass marketing techniques towards marketing campaigns tailored to individual consumer groups.

The direct offspring of mass marketing is the trend towards mass customization that is focused on customizing a product on a large scale. Some examples of mass marketing strategies would be direct mail, yellow page ads, billboards, radio ads, free dinner seminars, etc A mass market is a general population which can be targeted at wide for the sales and marketing of a product.

Mass marketing is the advertising or promotion of a product, good or service to a wide variety of audiences with the expectation of appealing to as many people as possible.

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