Law and word count

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Law and word count

Word count by genre: How long should my book really be? Posted on by Kit Carstairs April 5, Publishers and agents are typically inundated with manuscript submissions from authors seeking publication.

The standouts are standouts, and speak for themselves. But for every standout manuscript there are hundreds of manuscripts that are hard to place — could they be best sellers if they found the right audience?

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They want you to make their jobs as easy as possible — not because Law and word count are lazy, but simply overwhelmed.

Word count comes into this overall equation. Most literary genres have expected word lengths, which have been driven by audiences — in terms of their own expectations of the genre, as well as our the professionals expectations of them an obvious example for this: Adhering to the expected word count demonstrates that you understand your market.

It also shows that you have the ability to pace your narrative and make every word count that you are disciplined at self-editing.

And why would a publisher want to spend more on producing a book and then taking the risk of selling it at a higher price point than they have to? It would have to be pretty darn good to demand a higher sales price point and the chance of losing sales to a cheaper book in the same genre.

So, with the above in mind, here is a rough guide for expected word lengths for adult fiction. This is a story that is between 10, and 40, words.

Law and word count

A manuscript over 40, words is considered to be a novel. However, very few novels these days are as short as that. Most novels are between 60, andwords. Here are some of the genres in a little more detail: Adult fiction commercial and literary: Dropping below this figure is passable, however not by too much.

Exceeding the K word count by too much could make the book more expensive to produce — the story would have to be really worth it for a publisher to want to fork out more money than necessary on production!

Science and fantasy fiction: The reason they are the exception? Audiences of this genre are happy to read epic novels, they expect it to take time to build the fantasy world around them and want to immerse themselves into that world for some time. Publishers and agents know this and as a result they are willing to show more leniency when it comes to word limits, so you are less likely to lose out on a deal due to word count for this genre.

Aim for somewhere in the middle and you should be pretty safe — when writing your romance novel, consider your reader: On the plane, by the pool, on the commute to work?

What do you think they want out of the book — is it that they want a quick, light-hearted read, or an epic love story? This will have an impact on where you take your word count. This can be applied across all the genres really. Similar to sci-fi and fantasy-fiction, you are creating a world for your contemporary audience — you need to make this real and believable for them…but not dull and lifeless.Our team of specialists have built the firms reputation by combining professional expertise with a personalised approach, delivering high quality, practical legal services.

Law and word count

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