Implementation of the 5 moments of

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Implementation of the 5 moments of

As a charter district that seeks make decisions closest to its students, Fulton County Schools in metro Atlanta has created a customized implementation pathway for each of its 94 schools.

The district gives its schools autonomy to design their instructional models, create professional development plans, and select from a marketplace of mobile devices that will support personalized learning in the classroom. Rob Anderson, Deputy Superintendent of Academics.

Local Autonomy The flexibility that comes with being a charter district has allowed Fulton to think creatively when planning the roll-out of personalized learning. Each school already has the flexibility to redesign its daily schedule, offer independent study programs, allow remote classes through Fulton Virtual School, and give course credit based upon content mastery.

So when it came to designing and implementing their personalized learning plans, most schools jumped at the opportunity to make decisions locally. Adhering to its theory of action that the best decisions are made closest to the students, Fulton allows each school to determine and report back their own status through a carefully designed Readiness Rubric.

Implementation of the 5 moments of

Another principal sat down with every teacher to get their opinion about how ready they were. Groups operate under a cohort model, with the first group beginning in Spring Personalized Planning After a school selects a roll out group, it begins planning for personalized learning.

Schools start by looking at the unique needs of their students, and designing instructional models that better meet those needs. Then they create plans for professional development, communication with parents, and a timeline for selecting and rolling out devices that will support what they want to do in the classroom.

The district provides an array of vendors to guide schools through the roll-out process. Each school then forms a diverse committee of students, parents, teachers, and administration, which carefully considers the different devices, scoring each one against a rubric provided by the district.

Finally, the committee recommends a device to the School Governance Council, and the Council votes. affirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), hand hygiene is the most powerful preventive measure against healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and, thus, it has become one of the five key elements of patient safety program. The 5 “Moments of Need” in Corporate eLearning and How to Address Them. According to the “Five Moments of Need” model set forth by Bob Mosher & Conrad Gottfredson, there are moments when a learner requires certain bits of information in order to perform assigned tasks more efficiently and effectively. The role of the endothelium in undergoing pathological changes that lead to atheromatosis and atherosclerosis with ensuing sequelae are discussed.

Deployment When a school has a clear plan for implementing their pathway to personalization, it enters the deployment phase, during which the school carefully begins to try new models in the classroom and roll out its selected devices.

To ensure that teachers are properly prepared, schools place priority on professional development and increased teaching support during this time, always keeping the focus on learning and teaching. Each school is encouraged to progress at its own pace.

As it works on professional development, a school may change its mind along the way to give teachers more time to get comfortable with technology.

Some schools may be ready within a few months to roll out devices, while other schools in the same group may take a year, or may decide to roll out in stages, one grade at a time. Within a few months of teachers receiving devices, it is usually time for the students to begin using their own devices.

Professional development continues throughout the school year as students and teachers adjust to new class structures. In addition to planning and roll-out guidance, vendors also provide embedded professional development to schools throughout the process.You know how in Eclipse, pressing F3 over a method will take you to its declaration?

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Guide to Implementation A Guide to the Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy. GUIDE TO IMPLEMENTATION 2 DEFINITION OF TERMS 4 KEY TO SYMBOLS 5 Clean Your Hands reinforces the “My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene” approach as key to protect the patient, the health-care worker and the. affirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), hand hygiene is the most powerful preventive measure against healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and, thus, it has become one of the five key elements of patient safety program.

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