Happens female foeticide essay help

Female foeticide is prevalent in our country as a major social evil. The patriarchal social structure of India gives a secondary position to women.

Happens female foeticide essay help

Select Page Article on Female Foeticide Female foeticide takes place when a foetus is aborted after it is determined to be female. Under this illegal practice, the sex of the unborn child is determined by using the technique of ultrasound and if it happens to be a female foetus, it is aborted through medicine or surgery.

It is one of the most rampant social evils in the country. It is rooted in the patriarchal mindset where boys are preferred over girls for various irrational reasons, not only in rural but urban areas too. We have to raise awareness levels against the regressive practice of female foeticide, enforce laws far more stringently and provide much more incentives to the households for the birth of a girl child.

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To carry forward the generation, families in general prefer the birth of sons over daughters. The male child is also required by the Hindu family to perform the last rites of father in the absence of which, it is believed that the father would not attain salvation after death.

Menace of dowry In most traditional, conservative families, a girl child is more or less considered a liability or a burden, due to the frequent demands of huge sum in the form of dowry at the time of her marriage. On the other hand, it is seen that the father of the male child bargains very hard to maximize the benefits of marriage for his son.

Though the parents have to face similar ordeals in getting their kids educated and settled in their lives, whether they are boys or girls, however, the mindset inclined towards the baby boy refuses to go, giving way to killing of female foetuses. Sex determination tests put to wrong use With the progress of science and technology, it is quite easy to find out the gender of the foetus.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous medical practitioners are also found to be increasingly involved in the illegal trade of carrying out sex-determination tests and later complying with the wishes of the parents for abortion of the foetus, if it is found out to be female.

Long and Short Essay on Female Foeticide in English

Female foeticide is nothing but the misuse of pre-natal technology which was invented to detect abnormality in unborn child before it could actually take birth. Article on Female Foeticide 2 words Female foeticide is a crime against women as it debars them to take birth.

Of late, sex-selective abortions to get only male kids born in the family have gained momentum. Though the medical techniques used to determine sex of the child been helpful in various surgeries or treatments required to avoid complications during the birth and to know more about the health of the unborn baby, however, this technique is being used quite often for sex-selective abortions.

Inadequate enforcement Eliminating female foetus in the womb of a woman is possible with the help of simple techniques starting from ultrasound and then some medicines which forces the foetus to die.

To stop the evil practice of female foeticide, strict punishment in the form of fine or jail to the person requesting abortion of the unborn girl child is prescribed under Pre Natal Diagnostics Techniques PNDT Act.

Simultaneously the practitioner who helps in sex determination for this purpose is also required to be punished equally. But the PNDT has failed to check female infanticide as the sex determination and services needed for the same have mushroomed accordingly. Law has been unable to curb the misuse of ultrasound machines by unscrupulous operators.

After the determination of female foetus, many women go for abortion of their own accord. Sometimes they forced by their family members who find some medical practitioners willing to carry the surgical procedure against the enforced law.

happens female foeticide essay help

Growing Menace Though there is little justification for the unscrupulous murder of female foetus, three is an increasing trend of families in urban as well as rural regions across the country going for the illegal practice of sex-determination test.

On its part, the government has attempted to regulate the use of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for legal or medical purposes through the PNDT Act and has also set up a central body to check killing of female foetus through abortion.

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Consequences of female foeticide in India Select Page Female Foeticide Essay Female foeticide is the termination of a female foetus from the womb of mother through abortion in illegal manner for some assumed cultural reasons. All the Female Foeticide essay are very simple and easy, written for students use.
Essay on Female Foeticide for Children and Students Though there is no established causal relationship between adverse sex ratio and spurt in cases of sex related crimes, this could be one of the factors resulting in some forms of violence against women. The determination of the sex of the foetus by ultrasound scanning, amniocentesis, and in vitro fertilization has aggravated this situation.

Also, we cannot blame the entire doctor community for carrying out sex-selective tests.November 21, Essay in punjabi language on female foeticide quotes.

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Female Foeticide Articles

Female foeticide 1) Introduction of what the topic is: define female foeticide Female foetuses are selectively aborted after pre-natal sex determination, thus avoiding the birth of girls. As a result of selective abortion 35 to 40 million girls are missing in Indian population.

Article on Female Foeticide: Find long and short Female Foeticide Articles of , , and Words for Students. the sex of the unborn child is determined by using the technique of ultrasound and if it happens to be a female foetus, it is aborted through medicine or surgery.

Essay on Female Foeticide. Slogans on Female Foeticide. FEMALE FOETICIDE Female foeticide is the illegal practice of killing a foetus while it is in the womb, because it is a female It is prevalent in our country as a major social evil.

Abortion of female foetus is an act of murder. Aqap and one bronze; psa flyer; both the illegal practice of family.

happens female foeticide essay help

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