Freshman english paper oliver sacks

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Freshman english paper oliver sacks

November 25, at 6: The Atlantic first met the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar was born. From that moment forward, Europe was eternally separated from Africa.

Beyond was the unknown. Even the Greeks did not cross the pillars of Hercules. It was, instead, the Phoenicians, the superior navigators of antiquity, who first dared to sail into the uncharted. Their blood pulsed with the promise of Senegalese gold. Their eyes must have twinkled with the death drive, or what else would have led them into stormy waters?

Issam was living in the unknown. Seven heads of dark curly hair fluttered in the wind as Grandfather expertly navigated the coast in his azure Mercedes, a real fixer-upper, hand-painted, with the windows rolled down.

They always made a stop for the tides, not far from the caves of Hercules. Issam was small enough to fall through but he was brave. The caves gulped impressive swashes of Mediterranean blue.

Grandfather would tell them stories of Poseidon and the Phoenicians. It used to be part of the Moorish Empire.

Freshman English Paper Oliver Sacks English Wednesday April 4, “Perspective Matters” As children, we learn that there are five human senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. The conflict in this short story is about man vs man, man vs society and man vs self. Man vs man is portrayed through the bullies and Mickey, man vs society is struggling with identity and man vs self is the struggle with inner self power. Freshman English Paper Oliver Sacks English Wednesday April 4, “Perspective Matters” As children, we learn that there are five human senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Upon reflection and memory, I realize that sight is always listed first in the list of senses.

Issam was far from the Mediterranean, far from his childhood dreams. Today they closed early. He watched the concrete city swirling below him in the last light of evening, lively but nothing like the elegant white cities of Morocco. He missed the hustle of the medinas, the prayer calls, the sea.

Freshman english paper oliver sacks

He heard a shriek. Across from him a young woman leaned over the street to scream out the last bit of air in her lungs.

She had Phoenician eyes: They plunged thirty floors deep to the traffic below. Issam approached the ledge. He called out to her but a sudden wind took his voice before it could reach the other rooftop where she stood.

They were separated by an alley and a long drop. She crossed her arms and sank into them to lean against the ledge.

An inaudible sigh must have escaped her lips. She was safely behind the railing but her adventurous eyes were still fixed on the street below. Now Issam was sure she was not thinking of jumping.

She was blowing off some steam. This was city life. He stood for a moment to watch. The dirt of the city was tangled in her hair. Dry locks of it hung over the ledge to sway, wild and unpredictable. Sometimes it was close enough for him to touch it.The Purdue Boilermakers football team represents Purdue University in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of college plays its home games at Ross–Ade Stadium on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, head coach of Purdue is Jeff Brohm, the 36th head coach in program .


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Joseph J. Comprone Professor, Department of English University of Connecticut Assistant Director of Freshman English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Coordinator of Composition, University of Minnesota, Morris “Reading Oliver Sacks in a Writing Across the Curriculum Course,” Journal of Advanced Composition 8.

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