Embracing change from columbia to miami

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Embracing change from columbia to miami

Fantasy football prep Everything around here seems a bit lively, enthused with a rapid pulse, and this won't be a club that is afraid to embrace unusual approaches to common problems. Players are responding to and respecting the ideas and approach of this regime in a far more receptive manner than in the past.

Everything is very competitive and there is a competitive edge to everything they do. Just to see how he is competing with his coordinators, and the approach the coaches take to each practice, that rubs off on us, too.

He really gets what players need to be successful and he has a proven track record with his offense. Everybody around here feels energized. USATSI Gase isn't prone to group think and doesn't believe that things should be done a certain way just because we've always done it that way, and the players and coaches seem to feeding off the new vibes and the way this staff has altered its training camp philosophies and routines.

And what we've done, and what our whole philosophy is we're about is efficiency. Let's get here, let's work, whenever we're on the field, or whatever our recovery time is, let's maximize the time we have here together and when we're done with what we need to do and accomplish what we want to, then we get out of here.

So right away in the morning there has been consistently juice to our practice. I've never felt like we've gone out to practice and guys are sluggish or out there not going hard. We're over eight practices in and usually around this time you start to feel that, and I haven't felt that yet.

Embracing change from columbia to miami

I feel like it has helped them, and they can go back to the hotel and sit Embracing change from columbia to miami for 30 minutes and if they're not ready to go to bed they can do something else and they're studying. We're doing a good job of not having mental errors and having less of them.

And even though we tweaked the schedule we're still have maybe more meeting time than we've ever had. Heavy storms forced the session indoors, which is not as accommodating for individual evaluations, but regardless of the setting this was a complete shellacking for the offense.

The first and second team offenses were overwhelmed, the starters only got to run about 10 plays and it was as lopsided as can be, with the unit showing little pushback on a menacing defense. Still, it was but one blemish, and the overall tenor of camp has Gase, not one prone to faux positivity, enthusiastic about his chargers.

As to the layout of this camp, what Gase and his staff have done is essentially eliminate some of the lazy hours in the normal midday NFL camp schedule, which, back in the day was comprised of rigorous two-a-day sessions so more rest time in the afternoon was needed.

Players generally have to be in around 8: The time between practice and walk-throughs is better structured and generally most players are free to leave by7: It's a small thing, but then again it could pay dividends and it's an interesting portal into the approach being taken here.

Gase won't be afraid to go big and go bold, and the early returns from players has been overwhelmingly positive.

After been mired in unbridled mediocrity for as long as most can remember -- just decent enough, enough of the time, to provide a flicker of hope, but not nearly good enough to compete for a playoff spot with any regularity -- owner Stephen Ross seems willing to truly shake things up in order to finally build a winner.

It's very efficient and instead to sitting around a lot of the afternoon that down time is divided up throughout the day. We're getting time to rest and recover and everyone shows up ready to work. I think it's been great for all of us.

He isn't shy about throwing a lot of new concepts and ideas at his players -- and his roster is fairly inexperienced on the offensive side of the ball -- but ultimately his chore will be to shape as much of his stuff to what his players can do best.

It looks like Gase won't be shy about letting Tannehill sling it downfield. USATSI "We're going to have some mental mistakes, but the good thing is we have guys who are taking a lot of pride in it, " Gase said, "especially at the receiver spot, because that's where you have a lot of options, you have a lot thought processes, and you have to be on the same page as the other guys.

And what they've done is taking a lot of pride to where if Kenny Stills makes a mistakes, Jarvis Landry is trying not to make the same mistakes.

Embracing change from columbia to miami

And if mistakes are made, they're trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. To see them working as hard as they've been working, it starts with their position coach, Shawn Jefferson, and they've taken on his personality and his work ethic in the whole group.

There's a great mindset in that room, and we have more veterans on defense, so there's a different feel there with those guys and that's all about the attitude and speed.

Assignment-wise, you don't see them make a lot of mistakes, because there are a lot of guys on that side who have been in the league for a while. But if Gase works his usual quarterback magic and the players convey this degree of buy-in all season, the Dolphins might be well on their way to being relevant again, and doing so with a youthful, innovative, somewhat brash flair to boot.

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