Douglas macarthur

Trivia 21 Army officer who retired with the rank General of the Army 5 stars. In Theodore Roosevelt was posthumously awarded the medal; his son was awarded the medal for his efforts on D-Day. Truman in April during the Korean War.

Douglas macarthur

Throughout his career he was often criticized for egotism. Greatly admired for his strategic and tactical brilliance, he was also criticized for his military leadership, including his command in the Philippines and New Guineaand challenge to Truman during the Cold War.

Upon his death inPresident Lyndon B. Johnson had ordered that General MacArthur be buried "with all the honor a grateful nation can bestow on a departed hero. Inwhen MacArthur was three years old, his other brother Malcolm died his older brother Arthur would later attend the United States Naval Academy and die in as a captain.

MacArthur spent much of his childhood in remote parts of New Mexicosuch as Fort Selden, where his father commanded an infantry company, or military unit.

In his memoir Reminiscences, Douglas macarthur wrote that his first memory was the sound of a bugle. MacArthur as a West Point cadet. There he spent time with his paternal grandfather Judge Arthur MacArthur, a member of the high-profile Washington political culture that had an enormous influence on Douglas.

MacArthur's father was posted to San Antonio, Texas in There, Douglas attended the T. The Episcopal School of Texas, where he became an excellent student. An outstanding cadet, he graduated as valedictorian of a class of 93 inwith only two other students in the history of West Point surpassing his achievements.

MacArthur became a second lieutenant in the U. Army Corps of Engineers, where he was a leader in combat engineering. Inhis father fought in the Spanish-American War and inhis father was appointed military governor of the Philippineswhich began a long family connection to that country.

His father was relieved of command for insubordination to William Howard Taft in InMacArthur undertook a daring reconnaissance mission in Vera Cruz, Mexicoin which he survived three groups of attackers, shooting several.

For his bravery under fire and successfully completing his mission, his superior, Major General Leonard Wood, recommended him for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Juvin, Ardeness, FranceNovember 3, Upon his promotion to brigadier general the youngest ever in the Armyhe became the commander of the 84th Infantry Brigade.

MacArthur took his job as a soldier seriously and earned six silver stars for bravery in World War I, but he was ambivalent about war.

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He was not joyous about a great triumph in Essey, saying, "I saw a sight I shall never forget…. Men, women and children plodded along in mud up to their knees carrying what few household effects they could…. On other fields in other wars, how often it was to be repeated before my aching eyes.

Douglas macarthur

March, assigned MacArthur to be the superintendent of West Point. However, those who worked with MacArthur at West Point credit him with saving the institution. In response, MacArthur composed the following poem, which is now etched on the portal of the West Point gymnasium: Upon the fields of friendly strife Are sown the seeds That, upon other fields, on other days Will bear the fruits of victory.

Morgan 's partner, Edward T. MacArthur proposed on their second date and she told a friend, "If he hadn't, I would have proposed to him.

He was the handsomest man I had ever met. Shortly after, MacArthur got orders transferring him to the Philippines.General of the Army Douglas MacArthur (26 January – 5 April ) was an American general and field marshal of the Philippine Army who was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the s and played a prominent role in the Pacific theater during World War II.

He received the Medal of Honor for his service in the Philippines Campaign, which made him and his father Arthur. Arthur MacArthur IV (born February 21, in Manila, Philippines) is the only child of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur and Jean is also the grandson of .

Douglas macarthur

Enjoy the best Douglas MacArthur Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Douglas MacArthur, American Soldier, Born January 26, Share with your friends. Watch video · Synopsis. Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on January 26, After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in .

Praise for Douglas MacArthur “A rip-roaring biography an exciting account of a grand old soldier, who, contrary to his mock-modest protestations, never seems to ‘fade away.’/5(). United States World War II General of the Army (5 stars). Fought in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.

His awards include the Medal of Honor, 3 Distinguished Service Crosses, 4 Distinguished Service Medals, 7 Silver Stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the .

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