Discipline essay introduction

This is why it is of the utmost importance that these years are spent inculcating values that will hold them in good stead throughout the rest of their adulthood. One of the most important factors of these values is self-discipline. Sometimes, especially in the modern education system, not asking questions is considered being under a strict discipline.

Discipline essay introduction

By Dinesh Saraf Introduction There is value of discipline in all walks of life. Whether at school or at home, in the office or in the factory, in the playground or in the battlefield, discipline is a necessity. Discipline gives us an opportunity to learn, experience and grow.

Without discipline, there will be complete chaos and disorder.

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There will be no peace and progress. To be guided by rules, to pay due regard to elders and superior officers, to obey them and to behave in an orderly manner, all these come under the term discipline. Value of Discipline In school, if the boys are not disciplined, the boys themselves will learn nothing and the very purpose of education will be defeated.

Similarly, if the subordinates do not obey their senior officers in offices and factories, it will become difficult to carry on the work of production and administration. The office goers should maintain discipline and reach office in time. They are expected to complete their assignments within the allotted time.

The country will not succeed if its public servants are not disciplined. There will be no plan and no organization. Similarly, if the army and the police refuse to carry out the orders of their generals and commanders, the enemy and the hooligans will have no difficulty in establishing their sway in the country.

Thus, an undisciplined nation cannot expect to remain independent even for a moment. Even in minor spheres, such as the home and the playground, people cannot do without discipline. If there be no discipline in the family, all the members of the family will go their own way.

Then, there will be no peace and order in the family. Conclusion Discipline is a good thing and there is no evil in it. It builds character, develops strength and unity and fosters co-operation.

It is, therefore, necessary, that boys should be taught discipline from their very childhood.

Discipline essay introduction

It should never be overlooked, as it is the secret of success in life.INTRODUCTION: The word discipline is quite common and well known in terms of its daily use in our life. Any system or organization whether it is social, political or education is evaluated quite often in terms of its discipline.

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