Blanchard importing and distributing co inc

Attorney s appearing for the Case Harold E.

Blanchard importing and distributing co inc

Case Study; Blanchard Importing and Distributing Hank Hatch, the subject employee of the study was hired by Blanchard to reduce inventory levels to allow reallocation of funds to the development of wine exportation. After investigating the system in use by Blanchard, Hank realized that the formal system developed in for production scheduling was very different from the system in use.

The formal system developed to determine the Order Quantities and reorder points was based on the EOQ and R calculations reviewed in the Productions II course, but the system used in practice at Blanchard were based on estimating monthly sales based on the previous month, and producing enough product to match with a safety factor.

To incorporate safety stock, an uncertainty element is added to R, which is typically the standard deviations for the service probability times the standard deviation of usage during the lead time.

The failure in application of this method at Blanchard Blanchard importing and distributing co inc from the fact that this system assumes a constant and uniform product demand and lead time, with no account for back orders.

Blanchard importing and distributing co inc

At Blanchard however, production stops for weeks at a time for one bottle size because the machinery can only handle one type at a time requiring a full day for setup between types. As a result, the employees modified the system to base Order Quantities and reorder points on the results from the previous month.

Inventory was also increased ahead of time for products because the employees would have a chance to prepare certain sizes again for several weeks.

In effect, the failure of the application of this system resulted in erratic inventory levels for different items, which caused unfavorable carrying costs.

Forecasting and Background Relation to Blanchard While the formal system used to determine Order Quantity and Reorder points for production planning is based on MRP calculations, the actual system in practice at Blanchard at the time of the case study more closely resembled JIT Just in Time manufacturing, and was based solely on forecasting.

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In this case study, Bob Young and Eliot Wallace used the monthly sales summaries to predict the demands for the upcoming month, and adjusted the values by adding a safety factor.

An additional adjustment is also made for the inventory on hand. These predictions then determined the actual production schedule, but some products like gin and vodka were not accurately predicted by their forecasting models. To account for this inaccuracy, Bob and Elliot bottle an extra month supply of gin and vodka when they produce these products.

This action can result in inventory levels that are unnecessarily high, and if corrected can help solve the problem given to Hank Hatch. Application of Forecasting and Unsuccessful Implementation at Blanchard The system used by Bob and Elliot to develop the monthly production schedule is a simplistic form of forecasting.

Unfortunately, the system in place at the time of the case study failed to accurately predict the production demand, especially for gin and Vodka.

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If implemented correctly however, this system could have been far more useful. This is somewhat similar to what Bob and Elliot did in their predictions, but is much less arbitrary and is based on several months.

The weighted moving average method of production forecasting predicts the production of the upcoming month by multiplying the values of previous months by weighted values and adding the resulting values together.

The weighed values for each month used in the prediction must add up to 1, such that the prediction for the upcoming month is composed of a fraction of the previous months. Typically, the most recent months will have higher weights than distant months.

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In predicting the value for July using 3 months and weights of. This method tracks the change in values over time and can predict the values for an upcoming month based on the rate of increasing sales over time.

Because Bob and Elliot experienced significant difficulty in predicting the sales for vodka and gin from sales increases, the linear regression method may have been especially useful for their situation.Oct 04,  · Assignment: Review the case you read in Module 3 (Blanchard Importing and Distributing Co.

Inc) and select 3 topics or concepts from the . Group Case Assignment V Blanchard Importing and Distributing Co., Inc. Read the course pack item “Blanchard Importing and Distributing Co., Inc.” and answer the following questions: 1.

Correct the EOQ and ROP quantities for each of the five items mentioned in the case. Case Name Citation Date; AUDI SEDAN AUTOMOBILE, COMMONWEALTH vs. 73 Mass. App. Ct. December 16, 21 MERCHANTS ROW CORPORATION vs.

MERCHANTS ROW, INC. Managing Business OperationsCase Analysis: Blanchard Importing and Distributing Co.

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This is an appeal by registrant-respondent Blanchard Importing & Distributing Co., Inc. from a decision of the Trademark Trial and Appeal board granting the motion for summary judgment of cancellation filed by petitioner Societe E.

Blanchard et Fils. The facts of record are as follows.

Blanchard Importing And Distributing Co., Inc | Case Study Solution | Case Study Analysis