An analysis of the stages of evolution

General overview The evidence for evolution Darwin and other 19th-century biologists found compelling evidence for biological evolution in the comparative study of living organisms, in their geographic distribution, and in the fossil remains of extinct organisms.

An analysis of the stages of evolution


A Core Leadership Team to make it happen. It is hard to get a good idea, enough money, and a strong team all in the same place at the right time for success.

Many search their entire careers for the right combination. Those who are successful once hardly ever are able to do it again. Despite the long odds, a million or so new for-profit, non-profit, and internal ventures are conceived each year in the U.

The Five Stages of Organization

Whoever covers the costs of getting going generally owns the venture. People with money seek good ideas and strong teams in which to invest. Great teams search for ideas and money. Those that launch a new venture are likely to have little, or no, leadership, management, or business experience.

Analysis of the Cu-Al Milling Stages Through the Microstructure Evolution Studied by TEM and SEM

Nonetheless, founders with determination, energy, intelligence, wits, a sense of humor, and with a thirst to learn both from their mistakes and from others with experience, can do quite well.

Objectives in the Concept stage are to: Prepare a description of the organization that explains: How the organization will find, sell, and serve customers How revenue, costs of generating revenue, cost of sales and support activities will generate, over time, financial stability and profit.

It is more efficient i. It is also easier, and more likely to be unambiguous, to share a well-thought-out Concept with those who eventually join, invest in, or advise the organization. Clarify why it makes sense to bring the Concept to reality.

Wealth creation as in a venture that will someday be sold, ideally at a price far greater than the cost of developing it, and the proceeds shared by those who helped make it happen.

In this case, it helps to be clear from the start how much wealth meets the needs of those involved to increase the odds that everyone is on the same page and pulling for the same result.


Income generation so as to provide sufficient resources for those employed by the organization to finance their living. In this case it helps to be clear about what level of income is sufficient to meet their needs.

An analysis of the stages of evolution

Contribution to the greater good; for example: Clearly thinking through and articulating which of the above, including combinations, provides a guiding hand to what lies ahead. Find and study existing and past organizations that have been successful doing something similar to understand what they learned it takes to be successful.

Contact those who were key to such organizations and run the Concept by them to get their input on lessons learned and to arrange for their on-going help.

Organize a forum to serve as a consistent point of accountability for leaders to report on what they plan to do, what they actually do, what happened, what they learned, and what they plan to do next; get help with strategy and focus, and access to resources. Produce evidence that the Concept makes sense and that it can perform as imagined and therefore it is worth investing time and money to take to the next stage.

Make as much progress with as little outside funding as possible. The more money taken-in, the more ownership is given away in the form of equity to investors. Giving up equity is disadvantageous to those responsible in that their ultimate financial return is less and significant amounts of time will be diverted to recruiting and managing investors at the cost of making progress on what their organization seeks to accomplish.

Establish a leader and leadership team with relevant and complementary strengths and who get along well with each other. It is essential that it be clear who among the top team fills the role of leader. The leader and his or her team must have a common vision for what they seek to accomplish as well as the energy and drive to take action and make things happen.

The team is often more important than their idea or their money because, after the first stage has played out, the team that wins is the team that learns from their experience to get it right next time. Start-up Stage The Start-up probably has a few clients and up to a few dozen employees who are gaining confidence that what they do fills a genuine need in a market where no other player dominates.

On the other hand, survival is far from guaranteed. The Start-up is likely to be self-funded or a few investors may have kicked-in less than a million dollars, for a small equity stake. The organization uses raised funds to cover the cost of developing its offerings and its sales, delivery, and operating methods.

The principal issues for Start-up organizations revolve around focus and managing scarce resources. For example, Start-ups often struggle to deploy scarce competent personnel to both successfully deliver on commitments to current customers and to find the next customer. As hectic as it is to get through the day serving customers and prospects, there may simultaneously be a race-against-time to secure financial resources required to continue operating.

Cash to a Start-up is like blood to a living being, or gas to a car, in that everything stops when it runs out so, until the organization starts making its own, there is an ever-present need to find more from the outside.

Launching such initiatives is tantamount to launching additional businesses.Stages of Marketing Evolution by Dan Blacharski - Updated September 26, Marketing is the driving force behind every step in the product development cycle, from conception to manufacturing and distribution.

Add tags for "Logical analysis of the three probable stages in the evolution of PIE compounds. The cluster phonemes -sk- and -skh- in pre-historic Greek and their relation to accent". The cluster phonemes -sk- and -skh- in pre-historic Greek and their relation to accent". There are many intermediary stages, which can be seen in evolution of different species.

For example, the evolution of feathers was an adaptation by some reptiles to provide insulation in cold weather. To begin our study of the stages of man evolution, the earliest fossil hominid, Ardipithecus ramidus, is a recent discovery dating million years ago.

He was 4 feet tall and bipedal (having two feet). The theory of evolution as depicted through the evolutionary tree in my high school classroom only dealt with the macro-evolutionary chain between organic creatures. Through my quick study, I found at least five other fundamental stages of evolution that would be required prior to any possibility of organic life.

evolution of the horse Evolution of the horse over the past 55 million years. The present-day Przewalski's horse is believed to be the only remaining example of a wild horse—i.e., the last remaining modern horse to have evolved by natural selection.

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