A discussion on making excuses

Do you make excuses for not having sex with your husband? I ask that question with a humble heart that has a passion for encouraging women in this area of their marriage.

A discussion on making excuses

Jen says no clothes were safe.

A discussion on making excuses

A sexual assault victim would come in and that particular [superintendent] was like, 'That slut's down there, go get a statement off her'". The boys club In the past five years, independent reviews have examined the workplace culture in the Victorian and South Australian police, as well as the Australian Federal Police.

On average, almost half of the staff who participated reported having personally experienced sexual harassment or sex discrimination. Listen to the stories of sexual harassment and bullying in the police from current and former police officers, and why little has changed in law enforcement around the country.

In South Australia, the review called the force a "boys club". A decade ago, NSW Police was given comprehensive guidelines on how to change their culture and has since introduced a raft of new workplace behaviour guidelines.

The organisation's goal has been to reduce the prevalence of sexual harassment and sex discrimination in the police force, and when someone complains about that behaviour, reduce the chances they will be victimised as a result. But a number of current and former NSW Police officers subjected to sexual harassment and sex discrimination by their colleagues spoken to by Background Briefing have slammed the organisation's internal complaints handling process as nothing more than an "arse-covering exercise".

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Background Briefing has spoken to half a dozen A discussion on making excuses and former officers who have plans to sue NSW Police for personal damages relating to sexual harassment and sex discrimination they experienced at work.

Laura Brierley Newton When asked, NSW Police declined to say how much taxpayers are paying to police who've been sexually harassed by their colleagues.

Lawyer John Cox, who acts for many NSW Police officers who've experienced sexual harassment or who suffer from post-traumatic stress, says the enquiries to his office for legal support haven't slowed down since the review's recommendations were implemented. Then what I'm going to say to you is that I have many, many clients with horrific stories of sexual harassment and bullying post," he says.

The price of fitting in George Torres is a year veteran of the NSW Police Force and has a unique perspective on the organisation's workplace culture. He's been decorated for his bravery in disarming a knife-wielding attacker at the Sydney Police Centre by breaking his arm.

Now, that reputation is in tatters after an internal investigation found he sexually harassed female staff by relentlessly talking about anal sex and the practice of inserting ball bearings into the penis for sexual stimulation.

One of them has now retired on stress leave as a result. This is the first time Mr Torres has spoken in detail about the workplace culture he still maintains excuses his behaviour. Mr Torres says his comments were simply "workplace banter" and he was so convinced he shouldn't have been fired that inhe took NSW Police to the Industrial Relations Commission for unfair dismissal.

The union supported him and ran his legal case. Their defence was the workplace culture itself. To understand this defence, and how it could realistically be used, it's helpful to hear Mr Torres describe his own introduction to the NSW Police Force.

It doesn't excuse his behaviour, but it does go some way to explaining how he could come to justify it. Mr Torres came to Australia from the Philippines in And in those early days as a new migrant, he was desperate to fit in.

He says the price of fitting in when he joined in was putting up with some vile language and behaviour. That's what I feel," he says. Reputational damage control The Industrial Relations Commissioner found Mr Torres's behaviour was extreme and went beyond the behaviour of his male workmates.

His claim was rejected. But echoes of the culture Mr Torres describes can be found in every review into police culture that's been published in Australia since Queensland University of Technology Professor Paula McDonald has been studying sexual harassment and sex discrimination in the workplace for more than a decade.

Most recently she advised Victoria Police on their own internal review into sexual harassment. She says that in order to fit in, "people conform to the dominant ways of being and doing things in an organisation, [and] in policing it has a long, historical trajectory".

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Each year, NSW Police officers lodge about harassment complaints against their own colleagues. About a quarter of those are for sex-based harassment. What's impossible to say is how many were taunted, ostracised or had to watch their careers flatline as a result of their complaints.

Inwhen the review into sexual harassment in the NSW Police was made public, it showed one in four people who complained were victimised.If there’s something of interest in the news that’s not covered in one of the topic threads, or you have a question to ask, a comment you’d like to make about anything under the sun, more or .

Jul 28,  · Forums > Fight Discussion > UFC Discussion > Eddie making excuses to Dustin right after the fight Discussion in ' UFC Discussion ' started by Newave, . Are you tired of running into the same problems over and over again? People tend to find themselves in the same predicaments over and over, making the same excuses about why they’re not seeing positive changes in their lives.

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Administration Another word for the ruling government or Cabinet. While this is a good idea, the author was striving for perfection. We're all human. We're going to complain and make excuses from time to time.

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